Welcome to the Disability Education Services of Dr. Ellen Fennick!

When a child suffers due to an unhappy learning experience, that child’s family also feels pain. A public school education should be a stimulating challenge tempered by growing self-esteem and success, and not an academic formula for failure.

As a former special education teacher and college professor with over 30 years of experience, Ellen Fennick Ph.D. truly understands that planning is the key to educational achievement. She believes in breaking down instructional barriers and obstacles for students who learn and process information differently from their classmates. For those families who need help working with child study teams, Dr. Fennick is available as a guide and consultant. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZpB5DZ4GqkQ

Adults who typically benefit from Dr. Ellen Fennick’s services include:

  • Parents seeking the best special education services for their learning challenged child/teen (pre-K through college)
  • Attorneys representing families of children with disabilities
  • Educational administrators and non-profit organizations responsible for professional development or inclusive practices planning/training

For more information regarding Dr. Fennick’s professional experience and knowledge base, please visit the Background page. If you are the parent of a child or teen with disabilities who needs academic planning assistance, please visit the Parents page. For those professionals hired by a parent/family to provide legal representation in dealing with a school district or college, please visit the Attorneys page. Educational and non-profit administrators looking to revitalize their in-service training with effective presentations are invited to visit the Professional Development page.

If your child needs immediate help, please reach out to Ellen Fennick either by email at efennick@gmail.com or by phone at 856-264-3076 today to schedule an initial consultation.

As both a disability education consultant and a parent, Dr. Fennick ultimately believes that every child deserves a special education.