Consultant to Attorneys
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  • Ph.D. in Administration, Curriculum and Instruction in Special Education
  • University teaching in special education for 12 years
  • High School Special Education Department Chair for 5 years
  • Chaired special education placement teams and IEP teams
  • 16 years as a special education teacher
  • Wrote 300+ entire IEP's from scratch
  • Wrote transition IEP's & managed college application process for students with disabilities
  • Taught collaboratively in high school general education classes
  • Curriculum-writing
  • Job development and job coaching for 2 years
  • Curriculum vitae available on request
Work up and evaluate cases:
  • Review and interpret psychoeducational evaluations and educational records
  • Prepare detailed, independent reports based on review of records
  • Observe the student in school, and write a detailed report with recommendations
  • Case management to summarize key information in records
  • Evaluate IEP’s and 504 plans for suitability of goals and specially designed instruction.
  • Evaluate your client’s progress under the special education plan to determine if he or she is making reasonable educational progress.
  • Suggest research based programs, specially designed instruction, and related services.

Prepare compensatory education claims:
  • Determine when a handicapping condition should have been detected
  • Determine whether appropriate services would have made a difference in the child’s education
  • Recommend compensatory education services.
Help you work on behalf of your client:
  • Prepare information before you work directly with your client
  • Help you prepare for due process hearings
  • Help you anticipate the school district's arguments and defenses
  • Testify at hearings if required